Style Walk Footwear is one of the fastest growing companies in the Shoe business of India. Within a short span of just over a decade, StyleWalk Footwear has grown multifold, and is the only company in India having a portfolio of several national and international brands.

Amit Kumar Wadhwa start Footwear business since 2002 and StyleWalk brand start 2011 a footwear technologist.


Style Walk Footwear The vertically integrated structure of StyleWalk Footwear provides the support and strength to face the toughest market competition. Each department in the vertical format of StyleWalk Footwear is a growth engine in itself, and its uniqueness lies in its structure.


To be a shoe brand that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment.


Style Walk Footwear boasts of having one of the most advanced R&D Centers for Footwear in the country. Designers trained at some of the finest design institutes. Systems to put together two major collections every year. Forecast is done not only on design trends, but also color palates for the forthcoming seasons. The in-house R&D Center is also supported by international brand partners through exchange programs, wherein the designers from M&B regularly visit international markets, and vice versa, the designers of our international partners visit India to study the Footwear market.